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Artists within the community who experience a developmental disability often do not have an avenue or opportunity to express themselves artistically. Therefore, the mission of Hope Studios is to provide artists the space and opportunity to create while allowing them to explore their form of self expression through different mediums. It is also our mission to elevate the talents that develop through self expression to becoming a viable part of the art community in Anchorage. We believe that it is possible to enhance the quality of life through participation in the arts.

The studio allows for artists to explore individual interests while incorporating the skills and talents of each artist to create a final work through the collaborative art model. The studio’s creative team, made up of individuals with and without developmental disabilities, work together to try different mediums and pull everyone’s skills together. The artists that participate in the program are the creative drivers and conceptualize all that the studio produces. The collaborators simply become the creative engineers, assuring that the concept comes to life the way the artist wants it to.

The collaboration aspect of this program allows for the artists to become a part of the art culture in a competitive and marketable way that can eventually lend itself to job security and business stability. This vision includes a studio where the artists will work and a gallery where the art can be shown and sold. The ultimate goal is to have a working studio where artists with or without disabilities can create art that will ultimately become a source of livelihood and stability.

Scott Fredrickson with Hope Studios' artists.



Elaine is a 49 year old woman who prefers to act out the music in the studio rather then sing. She also prefers detail work that requires focus and patience. She will work meticulously on a paper mache object just to make sure every inch is covered correctly. She loves working on the bigger objects while monitoring what everyone else

is doing in the studio. Future projects for Elaine include stenciling original works on to a clothing line, collaborative projects with Actability (theater group) doing theater sets, community displays, and future gallery shows. She also LOVES to have her picture taken!

Joe is a quiet 51 year old man with an exceptional eye for color! Joe has a very beautiful and unique painting style and is very particular about the paint brush he uses to ensure just the right look. No matter what is in front of him, be it canvas or furniture, Joe follows the same paint pattern and smiles while he works. Joe’s artwork shows a lot

of movement and has great energy. With the support of his parents, Joe is continuing to grow as an artist and has even added a new

paint brush to his repertoire.


Hope Studios retail store in Anchorage, AK



Hope Studios art room



Carla is a 53 year old woman who loves to sing, paint and draw circles. She loves everyone in the studio to know that she works at Providence Hospital, especially newcomers. Carla’s tools of choice include a paint brush and/or a pen. She enjoys drawing circles and will cover large areas with thousands of circles. Carla loves to sing and will enthusiastically say “yea buddy” or “get down buddy” when

a song that she really likes comes on the radio. Future projects for Carla include collaborative projects with Actability (theater group) doing theater sets, community displays, and future gallery shows.