8" x 10" Puzzle Designs

Synaptic Overload   Bubble Theory  

This design is an illustration of how nerve impulses are transmitted from an axon terminal to an adjacent structure in your brain as you try to solve this challenging puzzle with 40 pieces.


All of the bubbles are the same size and can fit in any of the frame spaces as well as other pieces. An extremely difficult with only 38 pieces.

Macho Picchu   Queequeg  

This design mimics the masculine stone wall structures of Machu Picchu, Peru. This puzzle gives you no indication where to begin

or what direction any of the pieces are to be placed. An extremely difficult with only 28 pieces.

The name of this design comes from the harpooner of Moby Dick fame. Each of the pieces has a harpoon tip that will intersect most other pieces. This is a fun yet challenging 36 piece puzzle.

Grid Lock   Twist Locker  

This design represents driving home from work. All of the pieces are the same width and there may be more than one solution. This is a fun yet challenging 38 piece puzzle.


This based off the "Hand In Glove" puzzle except with a twist that give the 63 pieces a different look and feel. Because of the twist eachk piece has a unique placement.

Teotihuacan   Hand In GLove  

This design is based on the pyramid structures from the “City of the Gods” in Teotihuacan, Mexico. The stair-stepped pieces easily fit together to create a 35 piece puzzle that is fun yet challenging.


The pieces of this puzzle look very similar to classic jigsaw puzzles. Each of the 63 picese can fit with every other piece making it a fun yet doable puzzle.