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Scott is a self-taught artist from New Orleans with an eclectic approach to contemporary art. From the latest in computer design, industrial technology, artistic techniques, fabrication methods, and good old fashion junkyard assemblage, he creates new approaches to painting, print, sculpture, and installation. To see more of Scott’s

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Dr. Scott Fredrickson has more than 35 years experience in higher education, the music industry, and as an entrepreneur. He holds degrees in music education from Cal-State University Fullerton; business administration from Pepperdine University; and jazz pedagogy and music business administration from University of Northern Colorado. He has chaired numerous music business programs and is the former president and executive director of the Music & Entertainment Industry Educators Association, co-chair of the Arts & Entertainment Cluster of the New Orleans Regional Chamber of Commerce, and fellow in the New Orleans Regional Leadership Institute. He is a member of ASCAP and his compositions and arrangements have been heard on local and national radio and television, and are being performed regularly in the United States and many other countries. He has worked as a composer, arranger, director, and performer at theme parks, dinner theaters and corporate shows, and numerous commercial projects and has produced and engineered numerous albums of jazz and choral music and is in demand as a clinician, guest choral conductor, and festival adjudicator throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. His Scat Singing Method and Popular Choral Handbook have been received enthusiastically by choral directors, and his articles on choral techniques have appeared in national educational journals and magazines.

Dr. Fredrickson is also an artist, digital archivist, and designer of laser-cut jigsaw puzzles. His paintings and sculptures have been shown in galleries in New Orleans and Los Angeles. His jigsaw puzzles have been featured in numerous international publications including Popular Science and Samsung magazines, and he has designed custom puzzles for various corporate clients. After the devastating hurricane that hit New Orleans, Dr. Fredrickson began an effort to digitally archive photographs, video and audio recordings to safeguard family memories.

Currently a Professor of Business Administration and Entrepreneurship at Alaska Pacific University in Anchorage, AK, Dr. Fredrickson teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in business administration, marketing, entrepreneurship, business of entertainment, popular music and jazz history. He also administers the Alaska Business Plan Competition and co-coordinates the Entrepreneurial Edge Seminar Series.


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