Colbert Report


This 100 piece puzzles was designed for the Colbert Report to be given out as a staff gift as well as an addition to the goodie bag for all guests on the show in 2011. 300 copies were made resulting in over 30,000 individual parts. We travelled to New York and attended the taping of the show along with a VIP tour meeting all of the staff and writers. They are a wonderful group of people. We were proud to watch the show during 2011 knowing that every guest on the show received one of our puzzles.

Sitting at Stephen's desk vicariously

getting the "Colbert Bump."


Original art from which the puzzle was designed.

Full set with puzzle art on the right side.


Jane Fonda


Puzzle Design



Okay, Scott didn't get to meet Stephen (they were in

rehearsal at that time), but this was still really cool.



Elijah Wood


Al Gore